ms-bing-yahooWould it surprise you to find out that Microsoft’s Bing happens to be the second ranked search engine in the world at the moment, where it comes with 20% market share, although it is clearly behind the behemoth and current king of the hill, Google. Still, second place ain’t too bad an achievement when you think about it, and riding on top of this news, both Microsoft and Yahoo have announced a brand new search deal.

In this brand new deal that Bing intends to deliver the search results on Yahoo, it looks like that particular strategy has paid handsome dividends for Microsoft where market share is concerned. According to the folks over at ComScore, it was shown that their new search engine ranking as well as Microsoft Bing, has, for the very first time, touched the 20% mark.

There is still some ways left to go before being able to overtake Google’s current top spot ranking with 64.5%, while Yahoo lies in third with 12.8%. The latest agreement would see both Microsoft and Yahoo amend their search alliance, where it seems that Yahoo is now able to handle advertising on Bing search traffic the way they like it – serving 51% of their own ads, while having a free hand in monetizing the remaining 49% of the Bing traffic with other advertising solutions.

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