ninaresumeWhat is considered to be an impressive resume? Having it stacked with famous and elite schools followed by a long list of extracurricular activities? Perhaps, or in the case of Nina Mufleh, it was the creativeness behind her resume sent to Airbnb that was impressive enough to not only go viral on the internet, but get the attention of Airbnb’s CEO in the process.

Mufleh’s dream job is to work for Airbnb but given that she’s probably not the only one who wants a job at the company, her attempts to get the attention of the company through emails and job listings went unanswered. Finally she decided to create a resume that she felt would be creative and clever enough to grab their attention, which was to create a resume that mimicked Airbnb’s website.

However instead of merely listing her qualifications, which is something any employer could find online, she instead showcased what she knew about the travel industry and what she could contribute to the company, and what she thinks Airbnb could be looking into next. She then tweeted Airbnb’s CEO her resume in which he replied, stating that he was impressed.

The good news is that her effort paid off as she has landed a formal job interview with the marketing recruiter from the company this week. Whether or not that turns into a job offer remains to be seen, but we reckon that with her post going viral, there are probably more than a few companies who might be eager to snatch her up should Airbnb pass on her. In the meantime we wish Nina all the best in her interview!

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