Samsung+Radiant+360+R7When it comes to the world of speakers, there are dime a dozen models to choose from, so much so that it can end up being rather confusing. Well, just like any other good decision making mind map, you should begin with an end in mind – that is, knowing what you would like to have in your bedroom or living room, before narrowing down on your search. Having said that, those who were impressed with the omnidirectional speaker from Samsung that was paraded at CES earlier this year, will be pleased as punch to know that they can finally lay their hands on it.

Known as the Samsung Radiant 360 R7, this unique egg-like speaker will be introduced just in time for Easter, now how about that? The asking price would be $500 a pop, where the Radiant 360 R7 is touted to utilize Samsung’s latest “ring radiator” technology so that it will be able to usher in a new era of sound delivery – in all directions, mind you, which means that you should not have to give too much thought into how and where you ought to place it.

Apart from that, we do know that the Radiant 360 R7 will play nice with the latest Multiroom App, allowing you to share music across several devices without missing a beat (pun not intended).

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