snapchat-150m-photosSnapchat allows users to send videos to one another, but perhaps in a bid to make these videos more downloadable, they have limited the length of each video to about 10 seconds. However in a recently discovered bug for the iOS version of Snapchat, it seems that it will allow iOS users to record video for as long as they want.


That being said, The Verge noted that in their tests, the video quality would begin to degrade past the 10 second mark. Also the videos are only good for adding to your Snapchat Story and that if you try to send it to your friends, it will be limited to the 10 second cutoff. Basically there’s really no reason to use this feature to record longer videos when you can just use the iOS camera app to record a better quality one.

To access the bug, all you’d have to do is launch Snapchat video and double-tap the home button on your iPhone which brings up the multitasking view. From there you’ll just need to let it keep running until you’re done recording, but like we said going past the 10 second mark will result in a poorer quality video.

This bug cannot be replicated on Android due to the way the platform handles multitasking, so no such feature for Android users at the moment unfortunately. We expect Snapchat will be patching this bug soon so if you’d like to take advantage of it, you should probably do so right away while you still can.

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