solarbikeA bicycle is one of the greenest pieces of transportation that you can own, for the simple fact that you will pedal it using your own energy, and while tackling those uphill slopes can be quite a challenge for the less fit, thankfully we have such things known as gears to help us out. Over time, inventors have sought to increase the capability of the bicycle by throwing in a battery so that those uphills no longer require you to sweat it out, but the presence of a battery makes the bicycle look plain ugly. Enter the Solarbike, with lines so sleek you might think that it popped out of nowhere from the future.

As its name suggests, the Solarbike happens to be a solar powered electric bicycle, receiving some Scandinavian design love by Jesper Frausig in Denmark. Photovoltaics have certainly improved by leaps and bounds over the years, and so too, have there been progress made in the world of bottle batteries and hub motors.

According to Frausig, “The on-wheel solar cells deliver clean energy directly to the battery. While the Solar Bike is standing still, it charges the battery. When it is in motion, the solar cells and the battery provides energy for the motor.” The Solarbike lays claim to a 70km (43 mile) range and a maximum speed of 50 km/hr (30 mph) with a standard speed of 15 mph.

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