tosRight now, the smartwatch camp can be said to be split into two different factions – one one side, there would be Android Wear with the likes of the LG Watch Urbane on AT&T, while on the other would obviously be Apple’s recently released Apple Watch. Well, Tencent might have decided to crash the party rather late, having rolled out a brand new operating system for smartwatches, now how about that? Of course, this new operating system will not be confined to just smartwatches, since it will also work on TVs alongside different devices that are connected to the Internet.

This particular operating system would take advantage of Tencent’s extremely large number of social services, where among them include the likes of QQ as well as the mobile messaging app known as WeChat. The Tencent OS and TOS+ will be available to be licensed – for free, which is in the same vein as that of Google’s Android. A platform for smartphones was launched by Tencent in January earlier this year, but this particularly new software will remain focused on wearables and other Internet-connected devices instead.

Do bear in mind that a new launch does not equate to automatic success, since there are still many different hurdles to overcome, and brand perception is one of them.

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