While the action camera market is rather niche, it’s safe to say that companies such as GoPro are usually the go-to cameras whenever someone needs some action cameras that are small and light enough to be mounted and also rugged enough to take a few hits on the way. That being said we’ve seen companies such as HTC try to encroach upon GoPro’s territory, and now it looks like navigation company TomTom wants in on the action too.

The company has recently announced the Bandit camera which you can see for yourself in action in the video above. Unlike GoPro’s offering which is small, box-ish, and relatively pocketable, TomTom’s Bandit is slightly larger and more tubular in shape, kind of like what you might expect from a regular camcorder. It will come with built-in sensors and GPS that can recognize what you’re doing and will begin recording automatically.

gopro_banditThe camera then has the ability to tag your photos accordingly. It even pairs with the TomTom Runner to start recording when it detects a spike in your heart rate. It will be able to capture video in 1080p/720p and will sport a wide-angle lens and a 16MP sensor. It is waterproof down to 50 meters and there is also an accompanying iOS app that lets users capture and edit videos on your mobile device. An Android version will be coming later.

If the TomTom Bandit camera is more suited towards your needs compared to the GoPro, you will be interested to learn that it will be launched this coming May where it will be priced at $475.

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