tomtom-bandit-3[CES 2016] Action cameras are dime a dozen out there, and it does not look as though this particular niche market is about to slow down anytime soon. No sir, in fact, it looks like things are going to move at an even faster pace from now on. It was in July last year that TomTom made the Bandit action camera available to the masses for $399 a pop. Well, it looks like we have managed to get some hands-on time with the TomTom Bandit at CES, but unfortunately, those were just dummy units – meaning that it is not the real deal.

On the outside, it certainly looks like the real deal, but when you get up close and personal, it is far from the real deal. There are no dials that can be turned, and neither can it power up for the simple fact that it is a dummy unit. However, if the weight is as what the real deal is, then it is certainly worth getting if you would like to tell the story of your adrenaline-rushing adventures without having to write about it, or to think of the correct adjectives, but rather, let the audience see for themselves.

Just to recap, the TomTom Bandit, when used alongside the TomTom Runner, can detect your heart rate – capturing video at 4K resolution using its wide-angle lens and a 16MP sensor. Being waterproof up to 50m, you can remove the battery and use it as a USB flash drive, and charge it via USB as well.

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