tomtom_touchPretty much any decent fitness tracker you buy these days has the ability to track stats such as distance, speed, calories, or in some cases even your location if there is GPS built into it. Some trackers even come with a heart rate monitor so you can check your heart rate while you are exercising.

However TomTom is taking things to the next level with the TomTom Touch, a fitness tracker that can actually provide the wearer with a body composition analysis. In case you’re wondering, a body composition analysis provides you with information like body-fat percentage, muscle mass, and so on.

For example if you’re trying to lose fat, looking at body-fat percentage is a better indicator of progress rather than the weighing scale. Of course in addition to body composition, the TomTom Touch will be able to perform regular tracking duties like the ones we mentioned above, including sleep.

Its design is also relatively compact and sleek as it was designed to be worn 24/7. In terms of pricing and availability, TomTom is currently accepting pre-orders where it is priced at 149 Euros, so head on over to its website for the details if you’d like to get your hands on it.

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