TomTom Touch Wearable Can Provide Body Composition Analysis

Pretty much any decent fitness tracker you buy these days has the ability to track stats such as distance, speed, calories, or in some cases even your location if there is GPS built into it. Some trackers even come with a heart rate monitor so you can check your heart rate while you are exercising.

TomTom Bandit Hands-On

[CES 2016] Action cameras are dime a dozen out there, and it does not look as though this particular niche market is about to slow down anytime soon. No sir, in fact, it looks like things are going to move at an even faster pace from now on. It was in July last year that TomTom made the Bandit action camera available to the masses for $399 a pop. Well, […]

TomTom Navigation Data Included By Uber In Its Driver App

While we have received word that Uber has decided to throw in TomTom’s navigation data into its driver app, let us make one thing clear right from the get go – Uber is not going to replace Google Maps anytime soon. This comes after Uber did not manage to win in its bid for Nokia’s Here mapping unit, hence it will need to look for an alternative to piece together […]

TomTom Spark Sports Watch Announced

Just like Garmin, TomTom is a company that used to specialize in navigational devices, and while they still do, it seems that the company has followed in Garmin’s footsteps and have released a sports watch that will is also able to double up as a fitness tracker. Dubbed the Spark, this is actually TomTom’s fourth-gen sports watch, so safe to say that there have been some upgrades.If you’d rather not […]


TomTom Bandit Action Camera Now Available For Purchase

Back in April, TomTom took the wraps off the Bandit Action Camera. This was supposedly TomTom’s answer to GoPro and the other action cameras available in the market. Now if TomTom’s offering appealed to you and you were wondering when you could get your hands on it, the time is now.TomTom has announced that the camera will be available for purchase via its website for $399. However if you have […]

TomTom Takes On GoPro With Their Own Action Cameras

While the action camera market is rather niche, it’s safe to say that companies such as GoPro are usually the go-to cameras whenever someone needs some action cameras that are small and light enough to be mounted and also rugged enough to take a few hits on the way. That being said we’ve seen companies such as HTC try to encroach upon GoPro’s territory, and now it looks like navigation […]

TomTom Set To Offer European KIA Cars Traffic And Weather Data

How many of you out there actually refer to the weather report not only for the day ahead, but also the forecast for an entire week? Well, if you happen to have raised your hand in affirmation and live in Europe, perhaps it might be time to consider a KIA the next time you want to purchase a new ride. Why do we say so? Well, it looks as though […]

TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Sport Watch Announced

TomTom has evolved over the years to remain relevant, as churning out dedicated GPS navigation devices alone is not going to cut the mustard. Hence, their foray into the fitness device market has reaped dividends, and they intend to pursue this course of action even further with the TomTom Runner Cardio GPS sport watch. This particular timepiece does not only inform you of the current time, it also comes with […]

TomTom Go Series with TomTom Traffic

TomTom has already updated its GPS lineup Go series in Europe back in April and today, the company launched the new TomTom Go Series with TomTom Traffic in the US.The most significant update is the total re-thinking and re-design of the user interface, and from the screen shots I saw, it looks really promising: everything looks sleeker and nicer, the color scheme is much more harmonious and all the information […]

TomTom To Add Real-Time Traffic To BlackBerry 10 Maps App

If you’re a BlackBerry 10 user, you might be pleased to find out that TomTom has recently announced an updated agreement with BlackBerry in which they will be providing real-time traffic information to the native maps app found on the BlackBerry 10 operating system. Undoubtedly this will be a welcome update to BlackBerry 10 users who think that the maps app could do with a bit more features and functionality. […]

TomTom Rider, A Motorcycle GPS Guidance System

TomTom has just launched their GPS for motorcycles named TomTom Rider. In a press release from Amsterdam, the company introduced design and features of the GPS device: “With TomTom Rider, bikers can not only choose where to go, but more importantly how they want to get there,” said Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director of TomTom Consumer. “We listened to feedback from motorbike communities to create a device that was customized for the way […]

TomTom Launches TomTomTaxi iPhone App For Taxi Hailing Service

Finding a Taxi in New York City isn’t that difficult of an experience if you know where Taxis usually travel and congregate. But for out-of-towners, it could be a confusing and frustrating experience, which makes mobile apps dedicated to hunting down Taxis even more important in major cities.TomTom introduced a new taxi hailing service last September in Amsterdam that allowed travelers to call for a taxi from specific terminals. The idea […]

Apple To Purchase TomTom (Rumor)

There are rumors going around that Apple might just take over TomTom, sending the latter’s share price to rise – which is to be expected, as Apple is cash rich, and everyone knows that. Still, to be able to squeeze an extra dime out of Apple is not that easy, as many a company have found out. Well, according to an analyst at Rabobank who does Apple stories, there is […]

TomTom for Android makes its way into the Google Play store

Good news Android users, if you weren’t fully satisfied with the navigational capabilities of Google Maps and wanted something a bit more “robust”, well you might be happy to learn that TomTom has officially landed in the Google Play store. It will cost the same as its iOS counterpart, although right now TomTom has priced it $10 cheaper which means that Android users can expect to fork out $49.99 for […]