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Google has allowed people to view their entire search history but it appears that now its allowing them to download it as well. The feature has been added to Google accounts and users can download a copy of all of their past searches. This feature was first discovered by an unofficial Google blog, it first exports a user’s Google searches to Google Drive and then lets them download it from there.

Search history is saved in a ZIP archive that contains files which categorize users’ searches by quarter and year. According to the blog that discovered this feature, Google first started testing the download feature in 2014.

Anyone who wishes to download their Google search history first need to log into their Google account from where they can access the feature.

The feature can be accessed from Google’s search history page, just click on the cog button at the top-right and click on “Download.”

When the archive is created they’re prompted to carefully read a statement regarding the data which warns them not to download the archive on a public computer in order to safeguard their privacy. It also advises users to limit other peoples’ access to their search data and use two-step verification just to ensure safety.

This feature will be of no use to people who are not logged into their Google account when they use the search engine to find something on the web.

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