Adapter-Gen-CarThe folks over at Automatic Labs certainly have cause to be proud of themselves, as they have just rolled out an upgraded version of the Automatic. The Automatic is not a firearm, no sir, but rather, it happens to be a Bluetooth adapter which will plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II (on-board diagnostic) port before communicating with a paired iOS or Android device. Now that the second generation Automatic is here, just what kind of good tidings can one expect to obtain from it?

For starters, the updated hardware will now be able to support dual Bluetooth streams, so that it can send data to a pair of apps – simultaneously. Not only that, the presence of an integrated GPS receiver alongside a new connector ought to have it run better on an even greater diversity of cars. Do bear in mind, however, that this particular unit is Made for iPhone-certified, so there you go.

The new hardware design in the 2nd gen Automatic was warranted in order to support improvements to the Automatic software platform, ranging from the ability to monitor car performance in real-time to obtaining full support for third-party apps. In fact, Automatic Labs has just introduced a Web-based App Gallery which will be able to highlight more than 20 compatible titles.

The 2nd gen Automatic adapter will come with an asking price of $100.

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