airbnb-tablet-appIt used to be that when you travel to a new city or country on holiday or for business, you’d book a hotel. As it stands there are plenty of hotels to choose from, but what if you didn’t want a hotel? What if you wanted someplace more personal, intimate, and possibly more worth your money than a hotel?


That’s where Airbnb comes into play and speaking recently at the Code Conference on Wednesday, the company’s CEO Brian Chesky revealed that the service is seeing almost a million guests staying in Airbnb locations around the world every night. That number is currently around the 800,000 mark but it is expected that it will increase over time.

For those unfamiliar with Airbnb’s services, basically it’s where individuals can rent out their homes or rooms to travellers for a short period of time, like a couple of days to maybe even a couple of weeks. Usually these tend to be cheaper solutions than hotels and offer up bigger rooms, which might be ideal for families or people traveling in big groups.

At the moment Airbnb is currently available in 34,000 cities around the world and they are working on bringing it to more cities in the future. Last we checked, the company was valued at  a whopping $13 billion. So, have you used Airbnb’s services lately?

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