If you have used an iPad, chances are you might be familiar with the split keyboard feature of iOS where you can “pull apart” a keyboard with a gesture, thus bringing each half of the keyboard closer to your thumbs, which in turn makes typing on your tablet a bit easier with your thumbs. It’s a nifty feature and one that Google is also bringing to Android M.

Now Android M was announced recently but Google did not exactly share every single change that they made to the operating system, but thanks to a new video uploaded by Tim Schofield, it demonstrates some of the changes that Google has made to the operating system that could potentially benefit tablet owners, one of them being split keyboards.

The concept is similar to the one on iOS where the keyboard is split into two, making it easier to type with your thumbs like you would on your smartphone. Unfortunately the feature is limited to Android tablets for now, so for those who love their phablets, it seems that you guys are out of luck, at least for now.

Google has also introduced a multi-window mode which is actually something of a hidden feature for now. Basically it allows multiple apps to run side-by-side. This isn’t exactly a new feature as other Android OEMs such as Samsung have introduced similar features before, but it’s good to see it arrive on Android has a native feature. To see these features in action, check them out in the video above.

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