electric-shopping-trolleyPushing a supermarket trolley isn’t exactly hard work nor is it really considered a workout, but sometimes it can get pretty heavy if there are many items in it and this could be very inconvenient for those who might be too old or handicapped to push around. This is why Israeli engineer Avraham Hagay decided to come up with an electrical supermarket trolley.

Speaking to Gizmag, Hagay was inspired after seeing how there were some shoppers who had a hard time pushing the trolley around. “It all began when I saw old people having difficulty driving the heavy trolley in the super[market]. I noticed that it is hard also for young women.” This led to him doing some research and coming up with his prototype.

Hagay reportedly went through several prototypes, but each of them functioned pretty much the same way. Basically an electric motor is attached to one of the wheel on the back of the trolley. From there it will help provide some assistance in getting it moving. The idea isn’t so much to motorize the entire trolley but like we said, to offer up some assistance for those who might find it difficult to push a heavy trolley around.

He has since tested out his electric shopping trolley at his local supermarket and it seems to have been well-received by supermarket companies. He has also shopped the idea to local companies but has yet to sell the idea or technology to anyone but he is hoping that this will be remedied soon.

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