Robots do seem to be doing their bit in elbowing their way into our lives, and in the case of this particular jeans store which proved to be a dream of a previous Amazon executive, he has decided to employ the help of robots to assist men that drop by his store locate the correct jeans size. After all, do you agree that most men tend to bulge around the waist from a certain age onwards (or after marriage)? Having said that, you might not fit into that pair of 32″ Levis any more, and the robot would assist you kindly. The store is located in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood, where designer jeans will hang from metal racks that are attached to the ceiling, making the QR code tags easily accessible.

You scan what you like, and a robotic system will deliver the corresponding pair of jeans to your dressing room, allowing you to place an order if you like what you have tried. To purchase, all you need to do is slide your credit cards through a machine, and leave for home without having to interact with a single salesperson. Not the most heart warming shopping experience, but it is efficient, as your online transaction will see the jeans of your choice arrive in front of your door shortly.

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