Many of us use Google’s services for email, calendar, notes, web search and much more so it’s safe to assume that millions of people around the world rely upon Google Calendar text reminders to keep them up to date. Unfortunately there’s bad news for those millions of users, myself included. Google has confirmed that it’s pulling the plug on Calendar text reminders for regular users.

“Regular users” include the likes of me and you, unless you’re a business, government or education user, because they will continue to get this feature.

Google has confirmed that it will no longer send out Calendar text reminders to regular users after June 27th. The company says that there’s really no need for this feature anymore when smartphones can keep us up to date in a much more seamless and efficient fashion.

It’s hard to argue with this logic since an overwhelming majority of us already use smartphones that have built-in calendars which remind us when an important appointment is due, so there really is no need for text alerts.

Nevertheless this is bad news for people who don’t use smartphones for some reason and heavily rely upon this feature to keep up with their events. They’ll have to use their computers regularly after June 27th just to stay on top of things, because there will be no more text alerts.

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