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Google Calendar Is Down Worldwide
Facing issues with Google Calendar this morning? You’re not the only one. The service is down for users across the globe. They’re unable to access the calendar right now as it returns a 404 error message in the browser. Google has also updated its service dashboard to reflect that calendar isn’t operating as it should be.

Google Calendar For iOS Update Adds Today Widget
Widgets aren’t a new feature and have been around for pretty much the longest time ever on desktops and even mobile operating systems like Android. However it was not too long ago that Apple finally adopted them, although not exactly in the same way many had imagined, but we guess it’s better than nothing.

Google Makes Calendar More Intelligent With 'Find A Time' Feature
Google wants its Calender to be more than just an app you use to check the date or add reminders for important events. It is actively working to make Calendar an assistive and intelligent tool for users, and today it has announced a new “Find a Time” feature for Calendar on Android to make it easier for users to schedule their meetings.

How To Sync Google Calendar To Outlook
Google ended support for Google Calendar sync and the application completely stopped working on 1 August 2014. You are no longer able to sync your Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar, thus, forcing you to switch to a single character.It might be an easier option to just stick to one calendar, but there are still people who prefer to use both. So the need of syncing Google Calendar to Outlook still […]


Follow FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 Through Google Calendar 
FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 is all set to kickstart on June 6, Saturday. This time the host is Canada and the first match would see Canada playing against China PR.

Google Calendar Text Reminders End June 27th
Many of us use Google’s services for email, calendar, notes, web search and much more so it’s safe to assume that millions of people around the world rely upon Google Calendar text reminders to keep them up to date. Unfortunately there’s bad news for those millions of users, myself included. Google has confirmed that it’s pulling the plug on Calendar text reminders for regular users.

Google Calendar 5.2 Update Available As APK Download, Brings Back Month View
Google Calendar is the default calendar for most of the Android users who don’t really go for the third party calendar apps. The app helps in keeping up with the events and schedules on a stock Android device. Being the most used Calendar app, the 5.0 update was not happily welcomed by many users as it removed the app’s ability to project the entire month’s event view at once on […]

Google's Calendar App Finally Comes To The iPhone
Late last year Google released a fully redesigned Calendar app for Android. Back then it did say that work on the iPhone version was underway and that it would be released soon. Today the wait finally ends. The redesigned Google Calendar app is now available for the iPhone. Assists, events and schedule view are the three main features of this app.

Download Gmail And Google Calendar User Data Starting Today
Google has announced today that it is now allowing people to download a copy of their user data on Gmail and Google Calendar. They will have the luxury to download all of the data, or choose to download specific filters, calendars and labels. Users will also have the ability to download a single archive of their data across various Google products such as Google+, YouTube, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive and more. […]

Google Calendar For Android Updated
Google Calendar for Android has just been updated, giving you the ability to change colors on events in a jiffy amongst other improvements.

Use Gmail To Add Events To Google Calendar
Google seems to have done plenty of housekeeping yesterday, where Google Hangouts have picked up the remote desktop control feature, while the Google Keep Chrome app was released with offline capability, not forgetting a Reddit application for Google Glass. What about Google Calendar, were there any goodies for it? The answer would be yes, as Google shared on how life is made a wee bit easier if you opt to […]

Google Calendar app available from Google Play now
Ahoy, what do we have here? Users who absolutely love what the official Google Calendar app is able to deliver on the Android-powered platform can now download it from Google Play directly, making it a snap for you to manage your slew of calendars from a single, vantage point – and these will include those from your Google accounts as well as other calendars that have been synchronized to your […]

Google improves accessibility for Docs, Sites and Calendar
Google has just announced in its blog that it has enhanced some of its online services to become more accessible to members of the blind community. Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Calendar now have improved support for screen readers (JAWS, ChromeVox and VoiceOver (Calendar only)). Users can now use screen readers to help them read, browse, edit and create documents and events. In addition to improving support for screen […]

Google Calendar Now Lets You Schedule Optional Attendees in Meetings
Bringing its features up to more closely match Microsoft’s enterprise-focused Exchange and Outlook environments, Google is bringing a new feature to Google Calendar that will allow users to schedule meetings, appointments, and events for optional attendees. Rather than scheduling a meeting or event as a mandatory event for everyone, Google is saying that it sometimes make more sense for some guests on your lists to decide for themselves, based on […]