tango-play-storeIf you’ve always been curious about Google’s Project Tango and have been looking to give it a try, you can now do so. It seems that Google has recently put the device up for sale where it is priced at $512 and the best part of it is that you will not be required to have an invitation in order to purchase it.

Despite the invitation-free purchase, Google does state on the page that the kit is intended for developers as it probably isn’t ready for primetime just yet, but like we said if you have some ideas for it or if you’re just curious as to what Google might be up to with the device and how far along they’ve progressed, head on over to the Google Play Store for the details.

That being said, the folks at Android Police have speculated that Google might have more details to share about Project Tango and the progress they’ve made so far. After all dropping the invite-only requirement a day before Google I/O 2015 does seem to be more than just a coincidence.

In the meantime for those who are wondering about Project Tango, it is a device that was launched last year. Basically the device, thanks to its cameras, will be able to “sense” a room and get an idea of its dimensions and the space of it just with the user walking around it. This should allow companies to start creating more detailed indoor maps, or it could also help with architectural and construction work.

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