google-color-enhancerFor those of us with regular eyesight, we suppose in some ways we’ve taken colors for granted, and when designing for the web, it’s not often that we think about users who might be color-blind which in turn could have allowed us to create more color-blind friendly websites and themes. However if you are color-blind or know someone who is, Google has recently announced a new Chrome extension aimed at color-blind users.

As you can see in the screenshot above, basically what it does is that it provides users with a color-picking that they can choose and adjust until their color perception has been improved. It isn’t a particularly complex extension but in a way it demonstrates what technology is all about, which is helping to enrich the lives of its users by offering up such convenience and accessibility features.

The extension itself is free, of course, so if you’d like to take it for a spin or you’d like to recommend it to someone who you think might get a lot of use out of it, head on over to the Chrome Web Store for the download. As it stands there are various tools online to help web developers check their website to see if they are color-blind friendly, but with this Chrome extension, users won’t have to wait around for developers to optimize their websites.

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