google-tweetGoogle has now introduced the inclusion of Tweets to its search results on the mobile platform, and this is made available through the official Android and iOS Google apps. Of course, the good news train does not stop here, since similar Tweets inclusion will also be part of the search results on desktop and mobile browsers, too. These search results happen to be triggered by “Twitter” keyboard searches when it comes to specific accounts and hashtags, and you will also be on the receiving end of popular results from Twitter where other keywords are concerned.

Google claims that this happens to be an attempt to include “real-time info” into its results, and hopes that such a move will offer Twitter users with a wider audience for their content, too. This ought to prove to be the start of what might be a great relationship for Twitter where broadening its reach is concerned, and might very well be a factor in exposing Twitter itself to those who have yet to jump aboard the bandwagon.

Twitter, of course, still has the responsibility to place Tweets in front of additional eyeballs than they might have reached in the first place, Twitter still has their work cut out for them that it is worth having a Twitter account. [Press Release]

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