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Google has been working on self-driving cars for quite some time now but it wasn’t too long ago that the company received permission to bring these cars out on public roads. Late last year, in September to be precise, Google’s autonomous cars were licensed for use on public roads. A new report published today reveals that these self driving cars have had three accidents since rolling out on to the public roads in September 2014.

The folks at Mountain View currently have a fleet of fifty autonomous cars that have been licensed for use on public roads. It’s unclear if the three accidents that the vehicles were involved in were the fault of the self-driving car or of someone else on the road, and there’s a reason why that information is not available.

It’s a legal technicality actually, accident records are sacrosanct and confidential under California law so even if Google maintains its position that its cars were not the cause, one can’t really quantify those claims.

The company also went on to say that its self-driving cars have put some 140,000 miles on the meter since coming out on the roads in September last year.

Nothing else is known about these accidents except the tidbits of information that have been revealed through this report by the AP.

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