pizza hutIf you’ve ever placed an order for food delivery via an app, you will realize that there’s usually a section in the app that allows users to add comments. These comments could basically range from warning the delivery person of an aggressive dog, or to bring extra napkins, and so on. However one woman in Florida was smart enough to use the comments section to send a help message after being held hostage.


According to the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office press release, the woman in question Cheryl Treadway had been arguing with her boyfriend who pretty much held her as a hostage while carrying a large knife. However “Ms. Treadway eventually convinced Mr. Nickerson to let her use the cell phone to order a pizza which is when she sent the message to Pizza Hut.”

It seems that Treadway had ordered from Pizza Hut often enough for the employees at the outlet closest to her recognized it. It was an order for a hand-tossed classic pizza with pepperoni which like we said, was her usual order, so when the message asked them to call 911, the employees believed it to be genuine.

Police officers were sent to Treadway’s home where thankfully a peaceful resolution was reached. Speaking to WFLA, the restaurant’s manager Candy Hamilton was quoted as saying, “We’ve never seen that before. I’ve been here 28 years and never, never seen nothing like that come through.”

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