There hasn’t been much activity in the jailbreak front for quite some time now because Apple has made it significantly harder for hackers to develop a method. There have been some breakthroughs recently but none that have been released for public consumption, which begs the question, will an iOS 9 jailbreak be possible? Apparently not.

Apple has long tried to limit the ability of its users to jailbreak iOS devices. Jailbreak basically means the modification of iOS to allow the device to run apps and features that are otherwise not allowed by the company.

As per a new report the company is developing a new security system that will debut in both iOS and Mac called “Rootless,” it will safeguard devices against malware and prevent iOS 9 jailbreak.

Rootless will be present on both Mac and iOS, it will prevent sensitive system files from being tempered and would thus make it virtually impossible for a jailbreak to be achieved, because that does require tampering with sensitive system files.

It goes without saying that people who develop jailbreak methods will see Rootless as the latest hurdle that they have to overcome in order to set iOS devices free, and there’s no doubt that they’ll see it as a challenge and will try to defeat it.

Will they be able to get a breakthrough? Only time will tell.

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