Bandai Namco is gradually revealing some of the characters from the franchise that are coming back in Tekken 7. Today it announced that the constantly evolving Russian robot, better known as Jack, is coming to Tekken 7. Since the robot continues to evolve, it has been aptly named Jack-7 for its appearance in the latest Tekken title. This character will be added to the game later this month.

Just last week Bandai Namco confirmed the return of Yoshimitsu to Tekken 7. The swordsman has been a popular staple in the series, also making an appearance in Soulcalibur.

Though Yoshimitsu’s return also raised a few eyebrows since the character has a completely new look, which apparently took some inspiration from an octopus.

It wasn’t surprising though because many expected Yoshimitsu to have a different look in Tekken 7 since Bandai Namco has played around with this character’s looks in previous titles as well.

Jack-7 has been introduced today through a short video. This particular character has been around in the Tekken franchise since the original title came out all those years ago. This time around Jack is sporting a pink metal mohawk.

Bandai Namco has confirmed that Jack will be added to the arcade game in Japan on May 19th. Tekken 7 is only an arcade release for now and that too in Japan, though it’s expected to arrive on consoles in the future.

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