jony iveFor anyone who’s familiar with Apple’s products and its design, chances are Apple’s design exec Jony Ive probably comes to mind. Well as it turns out it looks like Ive has been recently given a promotion at work and has now taken a new role at the company in which his title will be Chief Design Officer.

This is a step up for him from his previous SVP position and it will see Richard Howarth lead the industrial design team as well as Alan Dye who will head up the user interface team as well. While the title is different, Ive’s role has not changed much as he will still be in charge, except that with his new position he is given more free time to pursue other things he’s always wanted.

Speaking to the Telegraph, “Well, I’m still in charge of both. I am called Chief Design Officer. Having Alan and Richard in place frees me up from some of the administrative and management work,” which according to Ive is something he feels he wasn’t meant to be doing. His new plans include more travelling

According to Ive when speaking about Howarth and Dye, “Those two are as good as it gets. Richard was lead on the iPhone from the start. He saw it all the way through from prototypes to the first model we released. Alan has a genius for human interface design. So much of the Apple Watch’s operating system came from him.” It is unclear what this means for the future of the design of Apple’s products, but hopefully a more free Jony Ive will result in some groundbreaking designs.

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