Jony Ive is the man that is usually credited for designing Apple’s products. However recently it would seem that his attention has shifted from products to interior design. Over in Brussels, an Apple store designed by Jony Ive has recently made its debut and basically shows off what we can expect from Apple stores in the future.

Thanks to the footage from Belgian site ANV, we are able to get a look at the future of Apple’s retail strategy. From what we can tell, gone are the large backlit photos of Apple’s products that are typically found plastered across the walls of the store. It also seems to have incorporated less use of metal and more wood, giving it a more warm feel.

In fact there are some benches along with some trees that just gives the place a more relaxing vibe, somewhere that makes you want to hang out like a trendy cafe, as opposed to it being just a retail store. It is unclear if this design will be applied to all of Apple’s stores moving forward, but if there’s one thing about Apple it is that they are consistent.

Back in July, we reported that Apple stores were set for a premium makeover and this certainly looks like a possible direction. We have to admit it looks pretty good but what do you guys think? Is this an Apple store you’d be more inclined to visit in the future?

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