If you love cars, racing, and just random acts of destruction, then Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie you’ll want to check out. Let’s not forget the movie also features a pretty impressive cast of actors and actresses, such as Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and Nicholas Hoult. That being said YouTuber Kris Sundberg has decided that the trailer of the movie could use a rework, and that’s exactly what he did.


Given that the trailer of the movie featured a lot of car chase scenes and cars being blown up, tossed in the air, and so on, Sundberg decided that a mashup with Nintendo’s Mario Kart was a good idea and we have to admit that it is hilarious. The trailer features parts of the movie interspersed with elements from the Mario Kart game.

This includes the infamous Blue Shell, banana peels, the red mushroom that gives speed boosts, that huge grinning ball and chain, and even lightning. There are even boxes that the cars in the movie “collected” along with various Mario Kart sound effects. This is an extremely well put together parody trailer as it does not look like they simply layered the effects on top of it.

In some scenes it really looks like the Mario Kart assets are a part of the movie! In any case if you’re looking for some Friday night laughs, do check out the trailer above.

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