facebook-messenger-payments-featureA couple of months ago, Facebook announced a new feature for its Messenger app that would allow users to send money to their friends directly through the app. It is a handy tool and a great way to pay friends back on the spot. The feature did not roll out en masse at that time and was meant to be rolled out in stages.

The good news is that if you’re living in New York City, you might be pleased to learn that Facebook has announced that the feature will soon be making its way to New York City. Along with enabling the feature, the social network will also be introducing additional functionality that helps make it easier to send and receive money.

According to Facebook, “Now in your Messenger conversations, dollar amounts are automatically hyperlinked and when tapped, will start a payment for that amount to the person you’re messaging. The sender can then confirm the payment before sending. This is similar to how addresses, phone numbers, or website URLs are automatically hyperlinked in Messenger.”

So if you’re living in New York City and this is a feature of Messenger that you’ve been itching to check out, then you might want to keep an eye out for it as it should be making its way to your phone pretty soon.

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