Ever since it was launched in 2013 the PlayStation 4 has been sold for $399 with the odd exception of a bundle or a deal from some retailer. Sony’s console performed much better in the market as opposed to its rival from Microsoft, the Redmond company had to cut the Xbox One’s price on multiple occasions just to keep up with PS4 sales. However, rumor has it that a modest PlayStation 4 price cut could be implemented in the near future.

Sony has previously said that it will not cut the PlayStation 4’s price to compete with the Xbox One, which struggled during the early days due to the fact that it cost $100 more. Microsoft made amends by unbundling Kinect and cutting the console’s price multiple times.

The official retail loyalty website for PlayStation, where verified games retail employees across North America can sign up to get information about products and even win prizes, currently has a new promotion up which may have given away in its rules the possibility of a PlayStation 4 price cut and even a cut for the PlayStation Vita.

As per the promotion’s rules the winner will receive a PlayStation 4 worth $349 and a PlayStation Vita worth $89. That’s a $50 drop on the PS4 since the current price you’ll find across all retailers is $399, it’s certainly not a drastic drop.

With the PlayStation Vita it’s a different story, if true this would be a $110 cut but the rules don’t make it clear if this is a PS Vita model that’s already out of production or if it’s an indication that Sony plans to do away with PlayStation Vita altogether.

Since there’s no confirmation from Sony regarding a price cut for the PlayStation 4 or even the PS Vita, I suggest you take this with a grain of salt for now.

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