The PlayStation 4 has done wonders for Sony. It was a big hit right off the bat and continued its winning streak for well over a year. Microsoft was able to claw back over the holiday season due to price cuts and promotions but PlayStation 4 was never far behind. Microsoft once again announced a price cut for Xbox One recently but Sony is not threatened by it. The company’s isn’t going to cut PS4 price just to compete with Xbox One.

Since it was launched the PS4 has been priced $399. Xbox One initially cost $499 because it came with the Kinect sensor. A few months later Microsoft decided to offer it without the Kinect and thus it matched Sony on price.

Later Microsoft further cut the console’s price to under the PS4. On the other hand Sony hasn’t felt the need to do that. Sales of its consoles are still greater than that of Microsoft’s console.

Sony CFO Kenichiro Yoshida was asked during the company’s financial briefing for overseas investors and analysts whether the company will respond to Xbox One price cut. Yoshida said that while Sony knows what Microsoft is doing it is currently not planning to reduce the PS4 price.

Clearly Sony is convinced that it can continue to beat Xbox One at $399. The PlayStation team tries different methods of promoting the console, through free game downloads and coupons, but it looks like they won’t be offering discounts any time soon.

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