qualcomm-snapdragon-800Does the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 have overheating problems? That’s what the rumors seem to be saying, but speaking to Forbes, the company’s VP of marketing Tim McDonough basically refutes it, calling it rubbish. “The rumours are rubbish, there was not an overheating problem with the Snapdragon 810 in commercial devices.”

McDonough seems to infer that someone is out to sabotage the company through the spreading of these false rumors. “Our point of view is that those rumours happened with the LG G Flex 2 and Qualcomm 810 being first to market with the premium-tier application processor. Then somebody decided to put out some false rumours about that, which is unfortunate but sometimes that’s how business is done.”

He then goes on to dismiss the benchmarking test of the HTC One M9 in which the handset appeared to be running much hotter than the competition. He reiterated what HTC said at that time which was that the phone’s software wasn’t final and that it’s normal for pre-released hardware to function that way.

That being said, we then have to wonder why companies like LG decided to go for the Snapdragon 808 for the LG G4, and why recently leaked specs of the 2015 Moto X also suggested a Snapdragon 808 processor? What do you guys make of this?

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