silent hillsGamers have probably heard the sad news by now that the upcoming Silent Hills title has been cancelled. This is very unfortunate news as the game’s teaser, P.T. showed how promising the final game could be. That being said the official cancellation has fans taking to and are now petitioning Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro to come back to the game.

According to the petition, it reads, “Although the reasons are not yet announced I am begging you along with countless others: Please continue the Development on Silent Hills, if the issue is money related, we would love to see a Crowdfunding campaign like Kickstarter to ensure you are getting all the financial help there is!”

Unfortunately it seems that it isn’t really in the hands of Kojima or del Toro since the license to the game is probably owned by Konami, which also means that if they were to crowdfund the game, it would not matter as Konami would most likely need to approve it before moving forward. As it stands the exact reasons as to why the game has been cancelled remains unknown.

However it has been speculated that it could be due to Kojima’s disagreements with Konami which led to him leaving after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, which in turn also spelt the doom of Silent Hills. Like we said we doubt the petition would be able to gain much traction, but if you’d like to sign it all the same, hit up’s website for the details.

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