As gamers might recall, a couple of weeks ago Konami took P.T. down from the PlayStation Store. The company also later confirmed that Silent Hills had been officially cancelled, but this does not mean that P.T. has to die off completely, does it? Well as it turns out it doesn’t as P.T. has been remade in none other than Minecraft.

In the video above you can watch the folks at Eurogamer playthrough the Minecraft version of the game. Surprisingly despite the Minecraft version being more blocky and cartoony, there is still a rather scary element to it. Perhaps we’re just recalling the original game which is why it still feels a bit scary, but that being said this fanmade version is pretty close to the real thing.

The recreation even features the speech and text from the game, talk about dedication! Of course the radio doesn’t actually work since the records are assets from the original game, but like we said it’s still good enough as far as fanmade recreations are concerned. The creator even featured some of the monsters that the player encounters in the original game.

It’s a pity that Konami cancelled Silent Hills and pulled P.T. from the PlayStation Store. Even if the game did not make the final cut at the very least they could have kept the demo, right? That being said there have been some enterprising gamers who tried to sell their PlayStations on eBay with the game preloaded on it although this was quickly shut down by eBay.

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