People who were looking forward to Silent Hills were no doubt sad when Konami announced that it was cancelling the project. The cancellation became evident when the Silent Hills Playable Teaser or P.T. was pulled from the PlayStation Store. With Konami giving up on Silent Hills there has been a lot of speculation about its future, there have even been rumors that Microsoft might acquire the franchise from Konami and make it an Xbox exclusive. Don’t keep your fingers crossed, it’s not going to happen.

Just a couple of days ago the rumor that Microsoft was in talks with Konami to acquire the Silent Hills franchise spread quickly on the internet. Fans saw a glimpse of hope that the franchise just might be able to survive, even if Microsoft made it an Xbox exclusive.

Even though this isn’t impossible, Microsoft doesn’t have any plans of acquiring Silent Hills for now. Xbox chief Phil Spencer was asked about this possibility, and he set the record clear.

“Sorry, this isn’t true,” Spencer wrote on Twitter, adding that he was making it very clear that Microsoft is not acquiring Silent Hills from Konami because he didn’t want to mislead anyone.

With Spencer confirming that no such thing is happening this should put an end to those rumors once and for all, until the rumor mill dreams up another potential suitor and we go through this all over again.

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