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Prior to officially cancelling the new Silent Hills title that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro were working on, Konami confirmed that it would be removing the Silent Hills P.T. a.k.a Playable Teaser from the PlayStation Store. The teaser was released for PlayStation 4 owners to give them a glimpse of what the new Silent Hills would be like. Soon after P.T. was pulled Konami confirmed that the title has been cancelled, now P.T. has been completely removed from the PlayStation Store.

It was discovered soon after P.T. was removed that if anyone had downloaded the teaser previously and even if they had deleted it from the console, they could still go back to the PlayStation Store and download the teaser once again.

The only catch was that the console should have been previously used to download P.T., if it wasn’t then there was no way to get the teaser after it had been removed.

That is no longer possible now. Even if P.T. was previously downloaded on a PlayStation 4 and later deleted, console owners can no longer download it again because Konami and Sony have pulled the plug on it completely.

So what is one to do if P.T. is absolutely necessary? Spending a few thousand dollars on eBay can get your a PlayStation 4 that already has P.T. installed. Other than that there’s no way to get the Playable Teaser now.

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