sony teaserSony has a lineup of different cameras in its portfolio, ranging from compact, to DSLR, to mirrorless. However a recent photo posted by the Sony X Australia group on Facebook has led to speculation that a new product could be announced in the near future. According to the folks at Sony Alpha Rumors, they speculate that this could be a mirrorless camera.


This is based on the image above which shows a mirror being shattered which we can only assume is in reference to a mirrorless camera. At this point in time it’s anyone’s guess as to which mirrorless camera in particular could be announced, but it is speculated that it could either be the Sony A7rII or the Sony A6100, or maybe even both.

Both cameras have been talked about for a while now and a report from March even suggested that the A7rII could be coming soon. In fact this more or less lines up with a WikiLeaks document in which Sony’s alleged roadmap is revealed and where new A7 and A6000 series cameras are said to be announced in the May-June timeframe, so the 15th of May announcement does make a lot of sense.

In any case the 15th of May is only a week away from now, so do check back with us then for the details, but in the meantime take it with a grain of salt and try not to get your hopes up just yet.

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