Microsoft has already confirmed that Windows 10 is going to be offered as a free update to all Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 users, but that doesn’t mean people won’t be purchasing retail copies. So far the company has not confirmed what the different editions of Windows 10 are going to cost at retail, even though it has laid out all of the different Windows 10 editions that will be released this summer. It appears though that online retailer Newegg just might have revealed the Windows 10 price ahead of schedule.

While the original listings have since been pulled, screenshots are widely available online. They show that Newegg’s listing says Windows 10 will be available for purchase on August 31st.

As per the listing, an OEM copy for Windows 10 Home is going to cost $109 while customers will have to pay $149 for an OEM copy for Windows 10 Professional.

Microsoft has declined to confirm the pricing that has been outed by Newegg, and it won’t even talk about the release date. The listing says it’s going to be August 31st, and a recent report suggested that Microsoft could release Windows 10 by July 29th.

The company is sticking with its official line for now, saying that Windows 10 is going to be available over the summer and it will have more details to share about pricing and availability then.

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