It seems that despite Google’s best intentions for creating YouTube Kids, the service has come under fire more often that not. Previously they were criticized for displaying what some felt were deceptive ads, and now in a letter to the FTC, child and consumer advocacy groups have complained that YouTube Kids is displaying inappropriate content.

The inappropriate content in this case are videos in which jokes about pedophilia were shown, along with videos containing explicit sexual language. In fact the group even compiled a video (see above) in which they basically show all the inappropriate content that can be found on YouTube Kids.

After taking a look at the video ourselves we have to admit that there are some videos that made it onto YouTube Kids which are questionable, some of which seem to cover topics such as drugs, and then there are songs which are sexual in nature, and at one point there even appeared to be an ad for alcohol.

Presumably this is not what Google had intended and it’s probably due to the algorithm which needs more tweaking to help filter out more of these videos. According to Aaron Mackey, an attorney representing the groups, “Google promised parents that YouTube Kids would deliver appropriate content for children, but it has failed to fulfill its promise.”

In response a Google spokeswoman was quoted as saying, “We work to make the videos in YouTube Kids as family-friendly as possible and take feedback very seriously.” In the meantime based on the compiled video above, what do you guys think? Is this something that the FTC should be looking into?

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