alcatel-hero-cyan-710x414If you were looking forward to another smartphone launching with the Cyanogen ROM preinstalled on it, you might have been excited about Alcatel and Cyanogen’s partnership from earlier this year which saw the Hero 2+ smartphone announced. However it looks like despite the excitement and promise surrounding the handset, both companies have decided to pull the plug.

According to a statement released by both companies, “Alcatel OneTouch and Cyanogen, Inc. have made a mutual decision to forgo the release of the Hero 2+. . . The bar was set high and unfortunately the device does not have a clear Android 5.1 upgrade path. We therefore are committing to refocus our joint efforts on a next-generation product that can exceed the expectations of end users.”

We suppose it is a bit disappointing, but at the same time it’s good to know that they weren’t just going to release a phone for the sake of it, and eventually leave their users high and dry and waiting on updates. We doubt this is the end of their relationship but for now, it looks like the Hero 2+ will no longer be happening.

For those wondering about the phone, basically the Hero 2+ is a variant of the Hero 2 which was launched last year, as opposed to it being a successor. However like the statement says, there will be more efforts between both companies which we suppose is worth looking forward to.

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