The Boeing 787 Dreamliner may have had its problems but the aircraft still has a great fan following, fans who would have been delighted to see it in a near vertical takeoff. Boeing has released a new promotional video which shows the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in a near vertical takeoff as well as pulling off some amazing maneuvers all in preparation for the Paris Air Show 2015. This level of agility in a full fledged passenger plane that’s more than 200 feet in length and has close to a 60 meter wingspan is certainly a sight to behold.


The Vietnam Airlines branded 787-9 Dreamliner shown in the video takes off almost vertically and continues to climb at an unreal angle. You obviously wouldn’t want to experience any of this during your flight, but then again, pilots never take this kind of liberty with the jet when they’re on a routine flight.

Boeing’s video shows the 787 Dreamliner making some very sharp moves, again, moves that you’re unlikely to experience in a regular flight. It just goes to show that these planes are capable of doing much, much more than they normally do.

The Paris Air Show starts June 15 and runs through June 21st. Boeing 787 will be present and it will show off its capabilities during the flight display. The airshow is also going to play host to a wide range of civilian and military aircraft from around the world.

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