Dark Souls 3 got its time to shine at the E3 2015 gaming convention in Los Angeles but there was still some confusion about this title which has finally been cleared up by its developers. When Dark Souls 3 was announced by Bandai Namco it was said to be the “final episode,” many thought that this would be the last title for this franchise. Apparently that’s not the case.

E3 2015 attendees were shown a brief glimpse of Dark Souls 3 gameplay despite the fact that this title is not due to arrive until early next year.

The press was no doubt anxious to find out if this was the last title of the franchise. In a roundtable interview which series creator Hidetaki Miyazaki graced with his presence the “final episode” drama came up along with talk about the possibility of the Dark Souls franchise actually ending.

Miyazaki pointed out that this is not “the final product for the Dark Souls series,” however he does think that this is more of a turning point for the series.

He reiterated that this title is going to be a turning point for the entire series, “but it’s not final,” he said, ending any confusion regarding the future of Darks Souls.

With Dark Souls 3 itself poised to arrive next year, it goes without saying we might have to wait for a few hours for the title that succeeds it.

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