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Last Dark Souls 3 DLC Revealed
Bandai Namco today revealed the last Dark Souls 3 DLC titled The Ringed City. This is going to be the final downloadable content expansion for this popular title which happens to be the fastest selling game in Bandai Namco America’s history. The new adventure will have players chasing after the Slave Knight Gael to the end of the world, literally, as he goes on his quest to search for the […]

Second Dark Souls 3 DLC Possibly Set In Londor
It has only been a couple of months since the first Dark Souls 3 DLC was released. Titled Ashes of Ariandel, the first DLC brought some great new content for this popular game and players are now anxiously awaiting the release of the second DLC. A new report suggests that the second Dark Souls 3 DLC might be called The City of the Dead and that it’s possible for the […]

New Dark Souls 3 DLC Trailer Shows Chaotic PvP Battles
Dark Souls fans already know that it has been confirmed by Bandai Namco that only two DLCs will be released for Dark Souls 3. The first is called Ashes of Ariandel and it’s going to be released later this month. Bandai Namco has now released a new trailer for the first Dark Souls 3 DLC, the trailer shows off chaotic PvP battles that players will get to experience when the DLC […]

Dark Souls 3 DLC Will End The Franchise For Now
Bandai Namco has already confirmed that it’s going to release two DLCs for Dark Souls 3. The first is called Ashes of Ariandel and it’s going to be released next month. Fans of the franchise have been wondering about the franchise’s future since the press release from the original announcement back at E3 2015 described Dark Souls 3 as “the final episode.” Developer From Software’s president has said that the DLCs […]


Dark Souls 3 First DLC Release Date Confirmed
Bandai Namco today confirmed when the first Dark Souls 3 DLC release is going to take place. Titled Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel, this is the first of two planned downloadable expansions for this popular game. Players will be returning to the world of Dark Souls 3 to uncover a terrible secret that lies within the frozen land of Ariandel.

Dark Souls 3 Had The Biggest Launch In Series History
Dark Souls is a very popular franchise so it goes without saying that quite a lot of people were anxiously waiting for Dark Souls 3 to arrive. The latest addition to this franchise has been well received, and Bandai Namco has now confirmed just how well the title did on its launch day, it confirmed that Dark Souls 3 actually had the biggest launch in the history of the Dark […]

Dark Souls 3 Is Bandai Namco America's Fastest Selling Game Ever
It goes without saying that we knew Dark Souls 3 is going to sell incredibly well when it’s finally made available. The game was first released in Japan where it did quite well so the expectation was that this latest addition to the Dark Souls franchise will do well in the West as well. Turns out, Dark Souls 3 has become publisher Bandai Namco America’s fastest-selling game ever.

First Dark Souls 3 Add-On Isn't Coming Out Soon
It hasn’t been long since Dark Souls 3 was released across the globe. The game got an early release in Japan while fans of the franchise in other markets were made to wait for a couple of weeks before they could start playing the latest addition to this very popular franchise. Some players may not be happy about the fact that the first Dark Souls 3 add-on is not going […]

Dark Souls 3 PC Crashing Issue Irks Gamers
After months and months of wait, gamers across the globe finally got their hands on Dark Souls 3. The title had already been released in Japan so the wait was much more agonizing for fans of the franchise not based in The Land of the Rising Sun. The launch hasn’t gone off as smoothly as Bandai Namco would have hoped as gamers are now complaining about a Dark Souls 3 […]

Dark Souls 3 Coming Out Tomorrow
One of the most highly anticipated games of this year is going to be released worldwide tomorrow. Dark Souls 3 has already been available in Japan for some time now and finally gamers across the globe will be able to get their hands on this title. The new title promises to be a very dark experience that players have come to love in this series and they will certainly be […]

'Big' Dark Souls News Promised For Tomorrow
Dark Souls fans will surely be interested to know that Bandai Namco has something up its sleeve which it wants to share with all of us, but it’s going to make us wait. The official Bandai Namco Twitter account has tweeted that there’s some “big” Dark Souls news that’s going to be unveiled tomorrow. It doesn’t provide any other hints that might suggest what this big news for this much-awaited […]

Dark Souls 3 Launch Trailer Is Glorious
Dark Souls fans have long been waiting for the new title to arrive. The worldwide release isn’t due until a few weeks but Dark Souls 3 is due to be launched in Japan today. From Software has now released a new Dark Souls 3 launch trailer which gives us all a glimpse of the upcoming title one last time before we’re able to get our hands on it.

Major Nelson Confirms Dark Souls Backwards Compatibility With Xbox One
Dark Souls 3 is just around the corner and fans of this franchise are anxious to start playing the new title. There was a bit of speculation yesterday regarding a bonus for those who pre-order Dark Souls 3. It was said that everybody who pre-orders the game will get a copy of backwards compatible Dark Souls free for Xbox One. Major Nelson has just confirmed this pre-order bonus.

Dark Souls 3 Digital Download Gets You Backwards Compatible Dark Souls
Dark Souls has a very robust fan following and they most certainly can’t wait for the next title to arrive. Fans have been made to wait for a very long time so they will be anxious to get their hands on Dark Soul 3. It turns out that there’s an advantage to purchasing the upcoming title digitally. Those who purchase it from the Xbox Store will get a copy of […]