facebook-one-billionA few days ago, we brought you word on how Facebook Messenger has already hit the one billion download mark – making it one of the rare few Android apps that arrived at such a figure, which is no mean feat, actually. Today, we receive information from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that Facebook Messenger has achieved a total of 700 million users worldwide. Makes us wonder whether the remaining 300 million downloads are repeat downloads from the same users.

It was less than three months ago that Facebook’s mobile messaging solution managed to achieve the 600 million users mark, which means it is very encouraging to see how the service expanded its reach by another 100 million in under three months, how cool is that? Do take into consideration, however, that not all 700 million of these users are active ones, but rather, they happen to be the total number of registered users.

If most of us can remember, it was summer last year when Facebook separated Messenger from the main Facebook app, leading to a fair number of users who had their proverbial feathers ruffled as it felt as though Facebook was forcing a new app on users. The figures of today point to Facebook Messenger being a rather essential download, so to speak, despite one being forced to use it.

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