no-more-content-skyrimFallout 4 has been officially launched and according to Bethesda, they revealed that during E3 2015 this week that the game would be arriving on the 10th of November. Now many gamers are probably hoping that the date would not be moved but given that there might be some last minute problems or glaring errors, it is possible that the game’s release date might shift.

However UK retailers are warning against moving the release date, claiming that it might have an impact on how many copies of the game are sold. According to Simply Games’ sales boss Steve Moore who spoke to MCV UK, “It’s really important that Fallout 4 hits this year and doesn’t become yet another marquee title that slips into 2016.”

Moore notes that it’s quite brave of Bethesda to bring the title out this year especially so close to the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 which has been set for the 6th of November. However he also claims that if Bethesda were to keep to that date, it would easily be one of the biggest releases of the year.

Other retailers have noted that pre-orders of the game are already pretty high, with GAME’s third party content manager Mandip Bhachoo stating, “When Bethesda Game Studio launches a new game, it is really is a defining moment for the world of video games and we expect sales of Fallout 4 to surpass those of Skyrim.” Heck, with the Fallout Shelter mobile game already doing so well, safe to say that Fallout 4 should have no problems doing just as well as Skyrim, if not better.

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