Google’s “Google on Tap” is something that was demonstrated at the recently concluded Google I/O earlier this month, and it is worth the effort to check out just how it works, as over at the SMX (Search Marketing Expo) event in France, here was a demonstration as to how the new Google on Tap situation-aware search works. In the demonstration, it depicted how the search engine is full well capable of understanding context depending on the current location. You can check out the video of the demonstration right after the jump.


Depending on the current location, in addition to Google’s information of places as well as landscapes, users can then ask their Android phone questions such as “OK, Google – How tall is this building?/How deep is this river?/What’s the name of that church?”, and chances are pretty good that the search engine would be able to deliver the goods.

Do bear in mind that this particular segment of the Google on Tap functionality will be arriving alongside Android M, where the entire idea is for the Google Now assistant to be fully aware of what one is doing at the moment, so that it can deliver the right kind of information. Of course, I am quite sure that there will be some smart alecks out there who would have other kinds of questions to ask, and even so, Google on Tap will do its utmost best to answer.

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