gtranslateGoogle Translate is a handy tool if you’re looking to translate a couple of words here and there. Sometimes it isn’t particularly accurate especially when it comes to long sentences as it is sometimes unable to understand informal speech, syntax, context, and/or slang. Usually this results in a very direct translation which can be good enough to get the gist of.

However if you wanted more accurate translations, Google has announced that they have made some updates and improvements to Google Translate in which it will now be able to recognize informal speech, as you can see in the image above where the words are the same, but the translation holds a slightly different meaning.

According to Google, “However, in the past, our translation systems have generally been better at making sense of government and business documents than in helping people casually communicate. But that’s all changing thanks to people like you and a recent update we rolled out. So the next time you translate informal speech in Google Translate, you might just find a better translation.”

That being said Google admits that they are far from being and that it still has room for improvement, and this will largely rely on the community who will be able to correct current translations in the system to give Google a better idea of how to translate certain words or phrases. In the meantime the update should be available for download via your respective app stores, so hit them up and check out the update to see if it has improved massively for you.

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