Popcorn-BuzzLINE is an app that is primarily a messaging platform, although the company has over the years dabbled in a variety of other apps such as photography apps, games, and recently they have launched an app called Popcorn Buzz. So what is Popcorn Buzz? Basically it is an app that allows you to call other people.


If you’ve ever used LINE, you know that the app itself has a voice call feature, but what makes Popcorn Buzz different is that it allows users to call multiple users all at the same time. In fact one of the highlights of the app is that it lets you call and talk to up to 200 people simultaneously. Now we’re not sure if you would ever have such a need, but it is there if you want it.

We suppose this feature might not necessarily be for day-to-day use. However if you’re trying to organize a meeting and if you’d rather get confirmation now rather than wait for text messages to be sent/received, you could call all of those involved and hold a conference call to settle everything at once.

As it stands the app is only available on Android but the company is working on an iOS version too. In the future the company is hoping to add more features such as video chat and interconnectivity with LINE groups. In the meantime Android users can head on over to Google Play for the download.

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