lumia-535When the Lumia 535 was announced last year, it came with hardware specs that most people owning a high-end smartphone would snub their noses at. It was nothing special as it was very basic, but at the same time good enough to get the job done and then done. However while some of have have ignored the handset, perhaps it’s time to start paying attention to it.

According to Microsoft, it seems that the Lumia 535 has had a very positive effect on the Microsoft Windows Phone platform. It seems that as far as the Pakistan market is concerned, thanks to the Lumia 535, it helped to boost sales of Windows Phone handsets in the country by as much as 300%.

Patrick Mercanton who is head of marketing for Microsoft Mobile Devices in Near-East, North Africa, Levant and Emerging Asia was quoted as saying, “Our most successful Lumia smartphone ever is the Lumia 535, which was also the first to carry the Microsoft branding. It looks to be the highest selling smartphone in Lumia’s history in our region.”

Does this come as a surprise? Hardly, especially when you consider that its predecessor, the Lumia 520, was also one of the most successful Windows Phone handset of all times where it topped charts in countries such as India and Finland, and was also one of the most popular and used Windows Phone handsets, especially in the face of other Lumia devices with more powerful hardware.

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