metearmorBack in the day screen protectors were mostly all film meaning that as far as choice is concerned, you could only pick between a glossy or a matte screen protector. However that has since changed thanks to technology and creative thinking. Now we have tempered glass screen protectors which supposedly offers up more protection than its film siblings.

That being said if there is one drawback to using tempered glass, it would be that if you were to drop your phone, it has been known to shatter. We suppose the upside is that it still protects your phone, but if you’d rather not have $50 go down the drain thanks to your butterfingers, you’re in luck as Metearmor is here to save the day.

This is a screen protector that was unveiled at Computex and according to its maker Moxbii, they claim that the Metearmor will not shatter when it is dropped, but why is this? According to CNET, this is because the screen protector is made using Glass-PET which is a blend of plastic and glass fibers, thus giving it the strength of a glass screen protector, but none of the shattering.

Moxbii also boasts that its screen protectors are different as they will offer up special designs on the screen protectors themselves for those looking to decorate their devices. Unfortunately they aren’t available for purchase at the moment but the company plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production in the next month or two.

[Image credit – Aloysius Low/CNET]

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